Wintea FAQs

What does Wintea taste like?

The taste of Wintea is similar to black tea with a refreshing spiciness (not at all in the way that hot peppers are spicy).


Does Wintea contain caffeine?

No, Wintea contains no caffeine.


Is Wintea safe for children?

Wintea is safe for people of eleven (11) years of age or older.


Can I use Wintea during other seasons?

Yes, Wintea can also be used during other seasons to deal with some other health conditions, especially for women.


Can I use Wintea on any type of common cold?

No. Wintea is only suitable for using on wind-cold type of cold in cold seasons (the cold in winter). For wind-heat type of cold in warm seasons such as summer cold, Midsummer tea is recommended.


Is there any instruction enclosed?

Yes, an instruction is enclosed in each box with healthy living tips to help you having a healthy winter. It also contains recipes of how to use Wintea for different health conditions.


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