Wintea is made from a collection warming herbs that may have a beneficial circulatory effect and have traditionally been used by people living in very cold climates. It may help safely and effectively driving the chill out of the body, and helps maintain a healthy and strong body balance in the cold of winter. The tea has been shown to assist inhibiting winter maladies such as cold and flu, sore throat, cold sores, chapped hands, and dry skin etc., that come with unexpected rain, snow and drops in temperature, that leave you feeling energetic, confident and healthier throughout the winter.

  • May help relieve wind-cold type of cold and the flu.*
  • May help relieve a sore throat.*
  • May help relieve asthma.*
  • May help contribute to the relief of Raynaud’s phenomenon.*
  • May help maintaining healthy blood pressure in winter.*
  • May help relieve women's menstrual pains.*
  • May help relieve women's morning sickness.*
  • Cold sores and painful joints.*

  • *Wintea is a 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

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    Package: 60 standard tea bags individually wrapped in satchels
    Serving size: 1 - 2 cups a day in winter or upon needs.

    Recipes & Remedies for Winter

    Are you feeling chilled?

    Making a cup of Wintea and let it warm your body to drive away the cold, like your window keeping you away from unexpected rains and snows?

    A cup of Wintea could help you feel energetic, confident and healthier throughout the winter. In fact, there are many other uses of this tea that you may not know about.

    Common use
    One tea bag makes one cup; use at least one cup a day in the morning. Add another cup throughout the day or in the evening if desired, as a daily routine in winter.

    If you start to feel chilled, nauseous, bloated or have an upset stomach: use two tea bags per cup, brew in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Two servings a day in the morning and afternoon is optimal.

    For Wind-Cold Type of Common Cold
    If experience a sensation of coldness, headache, runny nose, sore throat and lack of sweat etc., use three to four tea bags, mixed with 3 pieces of onion (the while onion head), three large spoons of brown sugar (white sugar will not work), boiling together on fire in 400-500ml (or two cups) of water for ten minutes (Do not use a pot made from steel), and consume while it is warm. Cover yourself tightly in bed for the night.

    Chronic bronchitis
    Use two tea bags per cup, brew in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Two serves a day in the morning and at night. Use for ten days, then for another ten days after a three day break.

    Menstrual pain
    Use three tea bags per cup, steep in boiling water for eight to ten minutes for relief. For the best results, add ten grams of brown sugar. If the symptoms are serious, use four tea bags, with 20 grams of brown sugar, boil together on fire in 400-500ml water (two cups) for 10 minutes (Do not use a steel pot), and drink while warm.

    Morning sickness (Mild)
    Use two to four tea bags per cup, brew in boiling water with a lid for 15 minutes before consuming. One serving a day; used tea bags can be reused until they yield no more color and taste. Repeat for three to seven days for optimal results.


    *Wintea is a 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

    What does Wintea taste like?

    The taste of Wintea is similar to black tea with a refreshing spiciness (not at all in the way that hot peppers are spicy).

    Does Wintea contain caffeine?

    No, Wintea contains no caffeine.

    Is Wintea safe for children?

    Wintea is safe for people of eleven (11) years of age or older.

    Can I use Wintea during other seasons?

    Yes, Wintea can also be used during other seasons to deal with some other health conditions, especially for women.

    Can I use Wintea on any type of common cold?

    No. Wintea is only suitable for using on wind-cold type of cold in cold seasons (the cold in winter). For wind-heat type of cold in warm seasons such as summer cold, Midsummer tea is recommended.

    Is there any instruction enclosed?

    Yes, an instruction is enclosed in each box with healthy living tips to help you having a healthy winter. It also contains recipes of how to use Wintea for different health conditions.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Lap Luu

    Good taste . That suits for winter season. Thanks

    5 star


    Nice warming drink

    A nice warming drink front of tv at night, especially when its cold outside.

    Drives away a cold and sore throat

    I drink this tea sweetened with brown sugar from the Woolies. Really rich tasting. Very good for my digestion. Good to drive away a cold or sore throat! Not much to say about this, but that is a perfect and healthy tea!

    Trust me!

    A very useful box to be kept in kitchen in winter. Trust me!

    I takeaway this tea from the nearby tea shop.

    I takeaway this tea from the nearby tea shop. Now I can make it myself at home. :-)

    I was amazed.

    I had this tea at Harmoni-T during my backpacking in Australia last year. August was the winter in southern hemisphere. My body couldnt cope and caught the cold. That gentleman at the Harmoni-T looked at poor me and recommended this wintea on the menu. I took it. Almost immediately after I finished half of my glass, I felt powerful warmness circulating right through my body. There came a bit of sweating right after that, then all cleared out within the following hour. I was amazed. I thought it was just like a normal herbal tea to help. Never thought it would come so strong and actually sorted out my problem.

    Very practical tea

    I use this for my monthly pain. A very practical tea I have to say.

    Helpful on my Morning Sickness

    This tea tastes awesome with added honey (I dont really add brown sugar as instructed in the box). It warms my mouth, throat and chest, and I can feel the warmness circulating through my body. It has been really helpful on my morning sickness and pains.

    Soothes my throat

    Wintea soothes my throat but also my stomach. I like this flavour and will buy it again!

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