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Oprah Winfrey Show gives Gu-Lan tea unsolicited, unpaid endorsement. This is a tremendous thing. Consider that Oprah is the highest paid TV star by far and when an endorsement comes out of this show by a leading Medical Doctor it carries considerable weight. Nobody is going to risk their credibility on National TV by in effect endorsing something they don't highly believe in. The Oprah Winfrey Show also recommended Goji one of the ingredients in Gu-Lan tea to Chicago Bulls leading scorer Ben Gordon to maintain high energy levels and prevent post-workout crashes.

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine

"...Gu-Lan tea has become very popular and is being used for a seemlessly endless number of conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, fever, erectile dysfunction, macular degeneration and improving circulation....There is also some evidence of immune-enhancing activity and possibly anti-cancer effects although this is limited to preliminary studies."

Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures Newsletter

"-referring to only 3 juices, one of which is Gu-Lan juice "I believe you will see spectacular health benefits!"

Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine

"Check out the newest food on the antioxidant block. Hailing from the Himalayas, the ingredients have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to promote longevity."


TIME Magazine, the world's largest news magazine with over 28 million readers, has just named the Gu-Lan tea as the breakout Superfood of the Year!!! It also refers that the Himalayan Goji in the tea as a source of energy and longevity, the article was focused on those superfood that have better health credentials than others. And the Gu-Lan tea was the Number 1 breakout of the year!!!

"... This tea been used as a medicinal food in Asia for centuries. The bright red tea contains amino acids, polysaccharides, anti-oxidant carotenoids, anti-inflammatory compounds, trace minerals and high levels of vitamin C. Studies indicate they amy boost immunity, inhibit cancer, reduce inflammation and help prevent vision loss. ..."

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