Teas for Cholesterol

Gu-Lan Tea Capsules

  • Gu-Lan tea capsules are 100% naturally extracted from the authentic Gu-Lan tea. It allows you to enjoy the health properties of Gu-Lan tea without spending time brewing and consuming tea.

    Each capsule contains unbeatable dose of 600mg Gu-Lan tea extract, which is made from 30 grams of tea. This equals to more than 15 (500ml) cups.

    AUST L 186399

    Package: 120 vegetarian capsules packed in sealed bottle.
    Serving size: 2 vegetarian capsules a day, 60 days supply.

    Note: package of Gu-Lan tea capsules may vary among different countries and states.

  • May promote after-meal fat blocking and energy boosting.*
    Assists in managing cholesterol levels.*
    Assists in maintaining healthy blood pressure.*
    May help maintaining cardiovascular health.*
    May help promote healthy brain and mental clarity.*
    May help relieve stress and anxiety.*
    May support immunity and help increase endurance.*
    May assist healthy reproductive systems, kidney and libido.*

     *Gu-Lan Tea Capsules are made from Gu-Lan Tea. It is 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

  • Is there any caffeine in Gu-Lan tea capsules?

    No, Gu-Lan tea capsules do not contain any caffeine.

    What is difference between Gu-Lan tea (capsules) and Wu-Long tea (capsules)?

    Gu-Lan is a fat blocking tea. Wu-Long is a fat burning tea. Drinking Gu-Lan tea after each fat meal may lead to better diet results with added benefits.

    Can I use Gu-Lan tea (capsules) with Du's Tea (capsules)?

    Yes, using Gu-Lan tea along Du’s tea may lead to better results for healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.

    I take cholesterol medicine. Can I use Gu-Lan tea capsules?

    Yes. Gu-Lan tea capsules is 100% natural. A couple of a day may actually enhance the functioning of your medication. Simply take it about 20 minutes apart from your medication.

    I live with autoimmune diseases/disorder, Can I use Gu-Lan tea capsules?

    No. Since Gu-Lan tea capsules will also help boost immune system, it is not recommended for people live with autoimmune diseases/disorder, including autoimmune diseases caused multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    Can I take Gu-Lan tea capsules if I have bleeding disorders?

    No. Since Gu-Lan tea capsules help boost immune system, it is not recommended for people live with bleeding disorders.

    Can I take Gu-Lan tea capsulesduring surgery?

    You need to discontinue Gu-Lan tea capsules at least 2 weeks before any elective surgical procedures.

    Is Gu-Lan tea capsules safe for children?

    Gu-Lan tea capsules are safe for people of eleven (11) years of age or older; However, since Gu-Lan tea capsules may also help enhance the reproductive systems and trigger the libido, it is not suitable for regular use on children under sixteen (16) years of age or younger.

    Is there any restriction on the duration of use?

    No, there is no restriction on the duration of use. It can be regularly used for its long term beneficial effects.

    Does it give the same results as Gu-Lan tea?

    Gu-Lan tea capsules are 100% naturally extracted from the Gu-Lan tea. The results from using between the tea and the capsules may vary depending on individual. The Gu-Lan tea capsules allows you to enjoy the health properties of Gu-Lan tea without spending time brewing the tea. However, it cannot be used for aromatherapy like Gu-Lan tea.

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*Disclaimer: Customer reviews appearing below are genuine reviews verified by third party. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used Du's tea pro and combos. However, they are individual results and results do vary, depending on age, lifestyle, daily food intake, causes of the symptoms and the amount of the product being consumed. We do not claim that they are typical, permanent and guaranteed results that every single consumer will achieve.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Roy Benson
Gu-Lan Tea

Yes it's good tea to drink after dinner of a night..

Antoniya Mineva
Gu-Lan tea

Yes it works.Together with the high blood pressure tea It keeps the blood pressure in the 126-132 range which is fine for 70 years old

Ida B
Hi-Lan Tea

Purchased this tea as a trial and it’s just been wonderful, can already feel the difference. Will definitely buy again.

John Walker
Fast, Efficient Service

Whenever we need to renew our order we send off a request and within a few days the products are delivered. So fuss free and the quality is also really good. Very happy with this standard of service. Thank you

Ann Byron

Hoping it lowers my cholesterol…will know in a couple months

Lisa Stiller
I’m in love!

I bought this tea for health reasons, but I have found it is the nicest tea to drink. Love it.

Rachel Wilson


Christine Kocsis
GU-Lan Tea

I have been taking GU-Lan tea capsules because of my cholesterol, which was 7.8
I have been taking the capsules for about 3 months.
I had another blood test last week and my cholesterol is 5.5 now
I’m very happy with the teas

Daniela D
Gu-Lan so good

I really live the taste of this tea and look forward to my afternoon and evening cups daily. It really helps with my digestive issues

Desire Gerard Frichot
Excellent tea

This tea is excellent , having a Great taste , I am really enjoying taking two cups a day and feeling much better since I started to drink it.