Comfortea Program - Heart & Cholesterol Combo


This Heart & Cholesterol Combo is a combination of Comfortea and Gu-Lan Tea. It is recommended to individuals who have heart disease symptoms such as short of breath, chest tightness and insomnia and also have concerns on high cholesterol.

1 box Gu-Lan Tea (30 standard servings): 1 cup throughout the day.
1 box Comfortea Tea (30 enhanced servings): 1 cup in the evening after dinner or before bed.


Gu-Lan Tea: 30 high absorption tea bags individually wrapped in satchels.
Comfortea: 30 high absorption tea bags individually wrapped in satchels.

This Heart & Cholesterol Combo is a combination of Comfortea and Gu-Lan Tea:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Comfort tea

    I have been buying comfort tea for some time, I have been a long time drinker of Camomile tea, comfort is way better it helps me sleep I find it calming in the evening

    comfort tea

    This tea is really doing a bloody trick to my wife's blood pressure! She can sleep a lot better.

    Best Tea

    I have been drinking Comfort tea now for 1 month love it ,Drink in early morning before my walk & drink tea at night before bed ,I find this tea
    Very relaxing and soothing
    Will keep drinking I am actually having a cup while I am writing this review Harmony-tea your
    On a definite winner

    Good for me

    Comfor-tea comforts me down. My chest pain is gone after two weeks. Cannot wait to see my doctor next week and see what she says.

    As expected

    Very calming and smoothing at night. Made my whole body feel great

    Very good

    This tea makes me sleep very well at night. It has a mild woody taste, tastes a bit strange at the beginning but now I seem to enjoy it.


    I always enjoy my cup of comfortea at night I'm sure it calms my mind before bed I also have a cup if I'm feeling particularly stressed.

    My first order

    A girlfriend of mine gave me a bag of this comfortea since I was having the same sleeping problem as her. I wasnt expecting it to fix my pack pain. I was having a bad bad back pain for days, a very strange pain along my spine, feels like I spent a long day working at backyard. It lasted for days and days and never never went away. When I woke up on that following morning (I had only one cup the night before), the pain was surprisingly gone. I guess the pain may have something to do with my heart so I went to the doctor. This tea really did wonder to my back and now I cannot live without it at night.


    I have been taking the tea and my blood pressure has gone down slightly. I love the taste of the tea and will keep drinking it for a few more months to see if my blood pressure improves further. The tea for the heart is also very nice. It has been helping me sleep a lot better.


    Comfortea really comforts me. I feel a lot easier in my chest and sleep a lot better since I started drinking it.

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