24 Hours - The best time of the day for your body to ...

1. The best time to gargle / brush teeth

Three minutes after each meal is the best time to gargle or brush your teeth, because the bacteria in your mouth begin to break down food residues, which produces a corrosive acid that dissolves tooth enamel, damaging the teeth.

2. The best time for tea diet

If you are on a daily tea diet, the best time to drink the tea during the day is one hour after each meal. Many people like to drink the tea immediately after meal. However, this is not the best time, because the tannic acid in the tea can combine with dietary iron to form insoluble iron salts, which interferes the body's absorption of iron. Over time it can induce anemia.

3. The best time to drink milk

Milk is rich in calcium. The best time to drink milk is before going to bed. Drinking milk at night before bed can compensate for low blood calcium levels at night to protect the bones in the elderly. Drinking milk at night with a cup of Ni-Tea calming herbal tea helps promote better quality sleep.

4. The best time to eat fruit

The best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meal. Fruit should be eaten raw. Eating raw food immediately before eating cooked food would interrupt the growth of leukocytes which protect the body's immune system. 

5. The best time to enjoy the sunshine

8-10am and 4-7pm is the best time to bask yourself under the sun. During this time, the component of the sunshine is mainly the UV-A light which helps the body to produce vitamin D, strengthens the immune system and prevents osteoporosis which helps to reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis. To keep yourself away from heat driven sickness, make sure you drink enough “midsummer tea” before your sun time if it’s hot out.

6. The best time for grooming the skin

Skin metabolism is most efficient between between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Therefore, your will be receiving the best results if using your skin care product before going to bed at night. If you are using LaClaire skin cleansing tea, this is the best time to drink your tea. It will help promote a healthy metabolism and help generate a glow skin for the morning.

7. The best time to take a walk

The best time to take a walk is about 45 minutes to one hour after eating. Walking with a speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour for 20 minutes during this time promotes a greater caloric metabolism. Adding a cup of wu-long tea (or gu-lan tea after dinner) may produce even better results, especially for those who are dieting!

8. The best time to take a bath

A warm water bath (35-45℃ ) in the evening enables relaxation and blood circulation of the body's muscles and joints. It would also is conducive to sleep, if having a warm cup of Ni-Tea after that.

9. The best time to sleep

The best time to start a nap is from 1pm; because the efficiency of the body starts to fall at this time and it is easy to fall asleep. 10-11pm is the best time to get into bed, given that people’s most efficient sleeping time is from 12 til 3am, and people fall into sleep after 30 minutes in bed. A cup of Ni-Tea before bed time would help nhance your sleep quality, even if you may have a limited sleeping time. This promotes body recovery at night and boosts your energy for the morning.

10. The best time to exercise

It is mostly beneficial to exercise between the late afternoons and early evenings; because during this time, the human being’s sense of taste, sight, and hearing are at their most sensitive point, the coordination of the body is at its the strongest, the heart rate and blood pressure are relatively stable. If adding a cup of gu-lan tea would produce even better results, if you are exercising for weight loss.