24-Hour Body Detox Combo

Using the Claritea along with iCharge Tea and Ni-Tea is the most efficient way to achieve the best body detoxification results! This detoxification pack is a combination of Claritea, iCharge Tea and Ni-Tea, which work together to stimulate body detox around your 24-hour routine. They help promote the different organs’ detoxification at the right time of the day, help improve circulation of the blood, refueling the body with healthy nutrients and leave you with a healthy balance!

 24 Hour Comprehensive Detox
  • 1 box (60 servings) of Claritea (enhanced skin detox).
  • 1 box (60 servings) of iCharge Tea (energy, focus, efficiency).
  • 1 box (60 servings) of Ni-Tea (calming herbal tea).
  • Use: 1 cup of Claritea in the morning. 1 cup of iCharge tea throughout the day. 1 cup of Ni-Tea at night before bed.