Wu-Long EGCG Capsules


Wu-Long tea capsules (also known as Wu-Long EGCG capsules) are 100% naturally extracted from the authentic Wu-Long diet tea. It allows you to enjoy the health properties of Wu-Long tea without spending time brewing and consuming tea. (Now enhanced with Garcinia Cambogia.)

Each capsule contains unbeatable dose of 600mg Wu-Long tea extract, which is made from 30 grams of tea. This equals to more than 15 (500ml) cups. 

AUST L 182561

  • Assists healthy diet and energy boosting.*
  • EGCG may contribute to reducing excess body fat.*
  • May assist in managing high cholesterol levels.*
  • May help support cardiovascular health.*
  • May help support immune system.*
  • May help promote healthy skin and radiant glow.*
  • Trusted diet supplements since 2007.*

  •  *Wu-Long Tea Capsules are made from Wu-Long Tea. It is 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

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    Package: 120 vegetarian capsules packed in sealed bottle.
    Serving size: 2 vegetarian capsules a day, 60 days supply.

    Does Wu-Long tea capsules contain caffeine?

    Yes, Wu-Long tea does contain a minor amount of caffeine, less than 0.2% as a standard cup of Wu-Long tea. It is an ideal choice for those with health conditions such as anxiety and high blood pressure who have caffeine concerns.

    What's the difference between Wu-Long EGCG capsules and other green tea weight loss capsules seen in the market?

    To compare the price of EGCG capsules, it is not simply to count the number of capsules in each bottle against the price, but compare the purity of the extract and its dose in each capsule. When looking at supplements, look at the label and make sure you are getting at least 200mg per serving with an EGCG ratio between 45-50% (50% is better for weight loss and appetite suppression). Please note that the costs of manufacturing capsules with 98% high purity wu-long tea extract (50% EGCG) are more than double that of making 30%-40% EGCG capsules or even more than triple over making 20%-30% EGCG capsules. If the supplier doesn't disclose their label or supplement facts there must be a reason. Each Wu-Long EGCG capsule contains maximized 750mg Wu-Long diet tea extracts, which is the maximum dose you could get from each capsule in the market. Wu-Long EGCG capsules are made from the highest quality Wu-Long tea extract, instead of using cheap 20%-40% “knock offs” extract.

    Are Wu-Long tea capsules safe for children?

    Wu-Long tea capsules are recommended for people of eleven (11) years of age or older.

    I live with autoimmune diseases/disorder, Can I take Wu-Long EGCG?

    No. Since Wu-Long EGCG will help boost immune system, it is not recommended for people live with autoimmune diseases/disorder, including autoimmune diseases caused multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    Can I take Wu-Long EGCG capsules if I have bleeding disorders?

    No. Since Wu-Long EGCG capsules help boost immune system, it is not recommended for people live with bleeding disorders.

    Can I take Wu-Long EGCG Capsules during surgery?

    You need to discontinue Wu-Long EGCG Capsules at least 2 weeks before any elective surgical procedures.

    How long does it take to see the results?

    It normally takes a couple of weeks to see the (diet) results (before finishing the first box). It also depends on individual's diet and lifestyle. You may start experience the different it does to your body right on the first day.

    Does it give the same results as Wu-Long tea?

    Wu-Long tea capsules are 100% naturally extracted from the authentic Wu-Long tea. The results from using between the tea and the capsules may vary depending on individual.

    What is Wu-Long tea (capsules) different from Gu-Lan tea (capsules)?

    Wu-Long is a fat burning tea, while Gu-Lan is more a fat blocking tea. Adding Gu-Lan tea to your Wu-Long diet may lead to better results with the added benefit of healthier cholesterol. A combo package of Wu-Long tea and Gu-Lan tea is available at a cheaper price for those looking to be on a diet and also have concerns on high cholesterol. 

    Is there any restriction on the duration of use?

    No, there are no restrictions on the duration of use. It can be regularly used for its long term benefits effects.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    No difference.

    Good Stuff

    Really works well!

    EGCG Capsules

    Very good product . I've been taking the tea capsules unstop for TEN years! & will continue to do so ( im nearly 50 & think I look pretty good ) so the teas working! & I don't wear any make up!!


    A quick and effective detox solution after a hard party night.




    I feel myself recharged after a 'sleepy' lunch

    Gut stuff

    This stuff is really gut, when I am feeling lazy to go to the gym.

    wu-long tea capsules

    I cant take caffeine because of my anxiety. This wu-long tea capsules is prefecr for me. It gives me so much energy and I dont feel much hungry.

    Product review

    I've been taking 2 wu-long tea egcg capsules in the morning with a cup of coffee and 4 pieces of biscuits for 2 days. I felt significant amount of my energy and elevation of mood. It really helped my productivity at the desk and by almost 4pm I am still not feeling any hungry. I'd like to give it a 5 star.


    We have been helped by Wu-Long EGCG by increasing our immunity to ward off the this winter's flu season. We take it regularly and an extra dose when we feel the signs of flu coming on. And it takes the symptom away almost immediately.

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