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Cardiovascular System Support

Comfortea is rich in ginsenosides, a substance extracted from the premium Ginseng species Notoginseng. Herbs from the ginseng family are well-known for their health benefits. Research indicates that ginsenosides exert a number of beneficial effects on several physiological functions, including the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. 

Ginseng is widely used in Asia to help:

- alleviate chest pain (angina) caused by coronary heart disease
- lower cholesterol and triglycerides
- expand coronary arteries to promote blood circulation
- prevent blood clots.

Comfortea is also rich in tanshinone IIA (Tan IIA), a substance found in the rare but potent herb Red Sage. For centuries, Red Sage has been grown in the remote high-sea-level area of China and contains lots of properties that could improve your health. Red Sage is known to promote blood circulation which may help to:

- alleviate symptoms associated with irregular menstruation and abdominal cramps
- act as anti-inflammatory by removing heat from the blood
- soothe and tranquilize the mind.

Red Sage is currently undergoing medical trials and may even become the first traditional Chinese remedy to gain approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Angina typically results from a spasm in the wall of the coronary artery that momentarily constricts the artery and cuts off the heart's blood supply. In a clinical study that reportedly took place at Wu-Han Medical College (now called Tongji Medical University) in Shanghai, China, 15 out of 16 patients with chest pain associated with angina who were given Notoginseng, one of the ingredients in Comfortea, experienced significant relief.

In an in-vitro experiment, scientists at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University also found that one of Comfortea's active ingredients-ginsenosides Rg1-is a potent phytoestrogen, exerting the protective actions of estrogen. Ginsenosides have demonstrated pharmacological effects in the central nervous, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems.

Blood and Circulation

Comfortea is blended with the potent herb Notoginseng. According to Ron Teeguarden, a master herbalist and author of Radiant Health: The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs (Warner Books, 1998), Notoginseng is considered to be one of the most powerful blood tonics known to man! For centuries, Notoginseng has been used in Chinese medicine to assist with:

- coagulation (clotting) of the blood
- stop bleeding
- dilation of the coronary artery
- increased coronary blood flow to provide more blood to the heart muscle.

The Notoginseng found in Comfortea also reduces cardiac load, arterial pressure, and improves micro-circulation in and around damaged heart tissue.


Immune System Support

The ginsenosides found in Comfortea are recognized as potent antioxidants, which is one of the reasons why Comfortea can help counteract the free radical damage associated with cardiovascular disease. The antioxidants in Comfortea can also aid with the reversal of damage sustained to the immune system and offer protection from future problems.

Ginsenosides help to boost your body’s immune system, strengthen resistance to illness and act as an anti-inflammatory. An in-vitro study has indicated that ginsenosides can even regenerate axons and dendrites in neurons, which can compensate for and repair damaged neuronal networks in brains affected by dementia.

Comfortea contains twelve saponins (phytochemicals), which is richer in active constituents than either Panax or American Ginseng. Comfotea is also rich in immune-stimulating polysacchaarides.


Women - Postpartum Care

With its ability to assist with stopping excessive bleeding and clear lochia (postnatal discharge), Comfortea can be beneficial for a woman’s postpartum care following birth. Please note that due to the potent nature of ginseng, it is not recommended that Comfortea is consumed during pregnancy.


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