Here are some of our real customers who have achieved their health goals with the help and support of the Wintea. Yes, these are genuine results with verified purchase achieved by real people. Start Wintea today! It brings you not just quality night's sleep but enormous health benefits to your entire body!

*results may vary from person to person. For more information please read our disclaimer.

*"It's delicious!! I usually let it steep for 7-10 minutes and drink it. It does help digestion a lot!! One cup before meals for better digestion or after meals to ease bloating. No need for sugar. " McCarthy

* Drives away a cold or sore throat. "I drink this tea sweetened with brown sugar from the Woolies. Really rich tasting. Very good for my digestion. Good to drive away a cold or sore throat! Not much to say about this, but that is a perfect and healthy tea! " Gerarda J

* "I drink this every day now. This tea is very warming and spicy. I am sure there are some ginger liked ingredients in there but not like the harsh taste of those ginger teas. I add one teaspoon of honey and it's the perfect tonic for colds. " Nicole

* Great for Digestion, Metabolism, Warms me up "This is an intense tea which blends herbs with ginger creating a unique and robust flavour. It is a great drink at any hour of the day. I brew up a cup while at work. It great for digestion, metabolism, warms me up in cold weather." Russell T

* "It is a spicy tea that is also very soothing. I suffered from digestive problems and this tea has really helped me sleep through the night without stomach troubles." Alan

* Helpful on my Morning Sickness "This tea tastes awesome with added honey (I don’t really add brown sugar as instructed in the box). It warms my mouth, throat and chest, and I can feel the warmness circulating through my body. It has been really helpful on my morning sickness and pains." Gina

*"I drink this tea sweetened. It warms me right up in the morning. It is helpful for relaxation as well as stomach issues." Amanda G

*"This is not a tasteless tea. Not a tea to drink before bed as it picks you up. The ingredients are very fresh. A wonderful addition to my collection." Mick J

* Helped on My Boy's Cold "I made a strong cup with three teabags and brown sugar following the instruction in the box for my boy’s cold. It has a strong and rich taste and it seems to help with congestion and speed up healing. I like this tea and will continue to. I wont have it run out." Jane S

* "Wintea soothes my throat but also my stomach. I like this flavour and will buy it again!" Mark Turner

* "Another lovely, intense and all natural herbal tea by Harmoni-t. Being a customer for 7 years, I am definitely impressed with this supplier in general." Yvette

* "It’s a great healthy alternative to coffee in winter. It is delicious with some sort of ginger flavours." Denise B

* "Refreshing in the summer and warming in the winter, it is an all-seasons drink, not as its name. Highly recommended." Peter

* "I am a huge fan of this manufacturer and its teas - this tea is another one on my list! Soothing on a cold night." Diane Gutmann

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