Auto-ship Subscriptions


Are you using our product regularly?

You can subscribe on auto-ship and save!


What is an auto-ship subscription?

Anyone can sign-up for auto-ship customer and receive the product of your choice at reduced price. Harmoni-T Performance will ship these products at a date of your choice once a certain period set by you.


Auto-ship Customer Benefits:

  1. Save money – products are offered at a lower price and no need to risk a chance of price increasing.
  2. No need to risk a chance of missing out on the items that your body needs daily due to the out of stock.
  3. Save time – no need to spend time reordering.



The autoship subscription offers an introductory supply of your first order at a discounted price. You will be automatically enrolled in autoship subscription. In this subscription, you will receive the same supply of your initial order once a period set by you at the time of your order.

As an auto-ship customer, you will have an account in which you can manage your subscription(s) through your account:

  1. You may change the frequency of your recurring shipments, between every month and every 9 months.
  2. You may set different frequencies for different product upon your needs.
  3. You may swap your subscribed product to a different one with the same cost.
  4. You may update your shipping address if you move.
  5. You may pause, restart or cancel your autoship subscription at any time.

To manage your subscription, please login to your account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up here. It takes less than one minute

Autoship subscription orders are shipped approximately 1 business day before your current cycle is due. So, if you need to make change to your subscription(s) or cancel your subscription, it is important you do that at least one business day before your next recurring shipment is due. You may make changes or cancellation by yourself within your account, or let us do it for you by sending us an email (


Autoship subscription is open to the selected products below. You may select different products and set different frequencies on them when you order.

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