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May assist weight loss and help boost energy.*

In a study published recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers discovered that in people drinking this kind of tea every day, fat burning (thermogenesis) was increased by upwards of 40%! Individuals in the study lost 2 to 3 times MORE weight than those who were not drinking the tea. The active polyphenols EGCG in the tea may help contribute to raising energy levels and potentially reducing the inclination to store excess glucose as body fat.

May assist blood sugar regulation and diabetes.*

For people with type 2 diabetes, tea along with a healthy diet could help. Statistics for type 2 diabetes are on the rise, especially in our young. Nutritionists, doctors and scientific researchers are focusing their energies on discovering ways a healthier diabetes diet, which could include consumption of Okinawan tea, may assist with blood sugar regulation.

An American study found that the tea may help reduce the blood concentrations of triglycerides (the most common form of fat that exists in the body) by a whopping 80% compared to rats on normal diet.

A Japanese study conducted by Osaka City University found that this tea may help increase plasma adiponectin levels. Low levels of plasma adiponectin are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease (CAD). The study concluded that this tea may have beneficial effects on the progression of atherosclerosis in patients with CAD.

One study by the American Diabetes Association, Antihyperglycemic Effect of Okinawan Tea in Type 2 Diabetes, included 10 men and 10 women. All subjects had type 2 diabetes for an average of 4.8 years and were already taking hyperglycemic drugs as prescribed by their doctor.

Under the review by the ethical committee of Providence University, the subjects consumed the tea (1,500 ml) or water for 30 days, crossing over the consumption of each during the course of the study. The results were positive; The tea markedly lowered concentrations of plasma glucose and fructosamine, whereas the water control group had not changed."


May assist in managing high cholesterol levels.*

Catechins, a group of antioxidants, have been found in Okinawa tea to which may help maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and the tea increases the good while decreasing the bad.

The gypenosides (GPs) found in Okinawan tea have been shown to help lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and assists increase HDL cholesterol. More than 20 papers have been published on the subject with effectiveness reported as ranging from 67 to 93%.

Study by Yang found that drinking this green tea for at least a year may help reduce high blood pressure. Regular drinkers are 46% less likely to develop high blood pressure if they drink one-half to two-half cups a day. They are 65% less likely to develop high blood pressure if they drink more than 2 cups a day.

Another Japanese study found that it has helped to reduce cholesterol after 1 month of regular drinking.


May assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.*

Okinawan tea may help improve the metabolism of the heart directly as well as help enhance the release of nitric oxide in the body and assist in stimulating of the nervous system (responsible for all internal organs), which may help to relax the coronary blood vessels and arterial walls, allowing them to expand and help lower blood pressure.

Okinawan tea is rich in tea polyphenols, tea catechins, and EGCG, which are potent antioxidants that go to work scavenging for oxidants, or toxins. They may help to neutralize their abilities to damage cells within your body. With its exceptionally high concentration of polyphenols, This tea is an essential component to your healthy heart diet.

May help promote healthy skin.*

In a study published in the journal Molecular Neurobiology, researchers from the Department of Cosmeceutical Science at Daegu Haany University found that this kind of tea carries properties that may help promote healthy skin and youthful tone.

May help support immune system.*

Results from human studies confirm that properties in Okinawan tea may help enhance the contractility of the heart muscle and heart pumping function. Other studies have shown that the saponins in Okinawa tea may help increase strength and endurance in the body.

May help boost mental well-being.*

According to a new study from the Division of Public Health at Tokyo Medical University, drinking green tea, including Okinawan green tea, may help induce "a pleasurable mental feeling." Numerous other studies shows it may help boost brain power and promote healthy mental health. Users of Okinawa tea report increased feelings of calmness, focus and well-being.

100% Natural

Unlike ephedra and other herbal supplements which carry unfavorable side effects (such as the jitters), Okinawan Tea has been shown in scientific study after study to be 100% nourishing.

Live to a hundred

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