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Here are some of our real customers who have achieved their health goals with the help and support of the Ni-Tea tea. Yes, these are genuine results with verified purchase achieved by real people. Start Ni-Tea today! It brings you not just quality night's sleep but enormous health benefits to your entire body!

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* No More Stressed-out "This is an amazing product. I have an extremely stressful job and just couldn't stop my mind from being active at nights. A mate recommended Nitea to me. I didn't take it as a sleep aid, but it totally works. It helped to remove that anxious, stressed-out, overwhelmed feeling from my mind and make it possible to just stay focused. I have found it is made of natural herbs with no side effects or weird feelings. I highly recommend this tea" Gene Fraley, Cherry Hill

* "The result i found from using this tea is actually in the morning, rather than the night. I can always wake up with good energy and especially a good mood. I normally wake up being tired and grumpy. Been on ni-tea for just a few days, i can always get a energy and mood elevation in the morning, and look forward to getting out of the bed to start my day. There are many sleeping aids, but this one is really one of the few worked this way" G Newton

* "This tea has really improved my sleep quality. Even if i slept only for a few hours, i can always look forward to that energic morning." R. Falk

* "First week on Ni-Tea has taught me it is the sleeping quality matters, rather than the sleeping hours. Those detoxing ingredients seem really worked on me, made me slept very deep in limited hours and helped my body recovery." Rachael

* "Had my first cup last night. I used a strong option on the instructions, 2 teabags. I drank the tea slowly while i was working on an IT job on my computer. Very nice fruity taste. I felt nothing at the beginning, until i had a big yawning and my eyes started trying to close. I had to quickly save my job and rush to the bed." Phillip B

* "For the last few months, I have been feeling very stressed. My nerves were shot from being over-worked and trying to make ridiculous deadlines. Since I started drinking these teas, I am feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I am actually sleeping through the entire night now, something I have not done in years. Just 1 or 2 cups iTea during the day and 1 cup ni-tea in the evening before I go to bed do the trick." George S

* Sleeping Better & Blood Pressure Improved "I have been using ni-tea for 3 months now, taking 1 bag a day - and it's great. I have had severe pain in my neck and shoulder. It got particularly bad at night. The pain is slowly getting better. Since drinking the tea, I have not had any sinus headaches or pressure and even my blood pressure has improved tremendously. I am so thankful that my sister called me and told me about this tea that i DO need everyday." Darryl T

* Better Sleep and Recovery "I work with at the fire station. This product really helps me get to sleep when at time my work schedule changes. Very potent and very good....It is also a great after workout drink for recovery. It does replenish the body and muscles after a big day work. I love the taste and will continue to use this it. I recommended it to the other people." Guy Tedesco

* "I have had success with these products ni-tea and i-tea. I would recommend it for anyone that has had difficulty with anxiety and sleep." Jason P

* "I had terrible sleep problems for years and yet after drinking only two bags (ni-tea) the first evening, I slept as never before. The hip and knee pain I had been experiencing for approximately two years was gone in three days. The pain in both my hands was relieved somewhere around three months. There has not been a day since where it has returned. I’m so grateful for this tea. I want to encourage everyone to tell others as they deserve to know what we now know." Peter

* "I have used it for about 3 months, and when I have insomnia, 1-2 bags really do help me drift off. No grogginess, I wake up easy. I also like this company's Wulong tea. I have turned others onto their products and have heard positive results." B. Saltzman

* "I've used ni-tea and gulan tea every night for several months since I've been dealing with menopausal sleep issues and it truly works. Excellent combination of ingredients, and it's still just as effective as it was from day one." Carly

* All Natural! "great product. good price. no complaints! This tea is all natural without side effects, allows you to sleep comfortably and relaxed taken at night." Reanne Burnett


* Done An Amazing Job on My Skin! "I have trouble sleeping and this product helped with no problem whatsoever. Additionally, it has done an amazing job of rejuvenating my skin! I got it in hopes of improving my sleep and increasing my energy levels, which it has done. I didn't realise that it can even help the skins tone. It's nice to have a more youthful appearance to go with my youthful energy. As a woman of a certain age, just let me say this is a great product, and one that I will continue to use." Diane S. Gutmann

* "I got this product for my sister who can never sleep through the night and she says it works just as well as other products but doesn't leave her completely out of it for the first few hours she wakes up. Anyone with sleep problems should buy this product! " T. Majamaki

* "I purchased Ni-Tea for my son, who was experiencing panic attacks. I'm happy to report that since taking the tea his attacks have subsided. I highly reccomend this tea." Daniela G

* "This tea makes you sleepy after about 30 minutes. It does work for helping or forcing you to sleep. Doesnt make you groggy in the morning, in fact it has a calming effect through the first few hours of the day. Harmoni-T that makes it does great herb research and has many high rated products. I recommend it as a sleeping aid. It will "help" with insomnia." Sharon C

* "Awesome! I go to my dance class 3 times a week sometimes more than 3 hours a night and after using the ni-tea my feet, legs, knees and lower back feel great. I wake up from a good nights rest and feeling great like when I was in my mid 20's. I love this product." Tasha Ceres

* A Calming & Body Healing Tea "This tea is great. It is not just a calming tea but also a body healing tea at night with low calories. I am currently on my second box. It tastes great and costs me less than 40 cents a day." Scott A Woltz

* "This tea is a little bit sweet and it does what it says it does. After drinking it at night, i had more energy on the following day and my muscles heeled faster after my workout." J. Knight

* "if I use this tea at night with detox foot pads after therapeutic massage, it seems to flash out toxins and I don't hurt the next morning." Joe Chung

* "Super fast delivery, amazing taste and results. Strongly recommend to at least try it, worth every penny. Will continue to buy in the future! 5/5" G. Cortes, Newton

* "I finally found something to help me sleep comfortably through the night." Linda

* "The Ni-Tea is a excellent product. I would recommend this product to my family and friends." Yvette T

* "I gave this to a friend who suffers with anxiety and has terrible insomnia. It really helps him a lot! He has reordered it himself. Thanks!" Daniel

* "Very good product. I won't start my day without it. I feel calmer and more in control." Mee


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