Midsummer Tea Reviews

*A refreshing taste reminds me of Summer. "This tea has a refreshing taste. The smell reminds me of summer. I am addicted to it. - it is especially nice for winding down in the late afternoon since it has no caffeine. The product is well packed and of good quality." Stephanie M

*Soothes my respiratory tract and eases the chest pain "I completely forgot I had midsummer tea bags I bought them as attached items when I was buying other teas a while ago, until I ended up getting sick with terrible cough and sore throat. I started drinking the tea throughout the day and began to feel a bit better each time I drink it. It really soothes the respiratory tract and eases the chest pain associated with the cough." Marcelo Zhang

*"This tea is light, slightly sweet and very refreshing. It really surprised me. It's a keeper in my household." Carolyn

*"Sampled this tea at a house warming party. I really enjoyed it as it was a refreshing tea. When I came home with a tea bag I decided to see if I could purchase it and was able to from harmoni-t. Thank you" Scott

*The Pimples on My Face are Gone! "I used this Midsummer tea to make ice cubes for my water in summer. I cannot believe it actually killed the pimples on my face after 3 weeks. I am about to purchase again for the 2nd time to re-stock my supply." Michael R

*"Loved the new taste. I would definitely order it again. Great way to start the day and a pick me up around sleepy 3 p.m." Heather

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