Used LaClaire Teabags

Don’t Throw Away Your Teabags!
Used LaClaire Teabags can Work Wonder!

Keeping good body and skin is easy with LaClaire tea and we all are aware of its health benefits. Girls always want to look appealing, beautiful and smart. The LaClaire tea bags are great for beauty. They can work wonder and very helpful for glowing skin. It is actually beneficial for skin, body and hair also. Check here the best tea bags uses.

Tea Bags for Eyes

Don’t throw away the tea bags after using. You can use further for your skin in different ways. You can place it over your eyes and get soothing from it by rubbing it on skin. This is true that you can keep younger look by using tea bags.

Tea Bags for Acne 

LaClaire tea contains catechins which is an anti-bacterial agent that balances the hormonal imbalances. It is good to treat acne problem effectively. Take a tea bag in a bowl and pour hot water into it. When the water cool down then take out the tea bag. Apply water on your face and lave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After mentioned time, rinse off it with plain water and moisturize your skin with good quality moisturizer. Repeat this twice a day. You will get desired results.

Tea Bags for Anti-Aging

This is best thing to tighten your skin and give you younger look. It helps to treat wrinkles, age spots and fine lines. Actually LaClaire tea is active to reactivate the skin cells. It is one of the most beneficial natural antioxidants that ward off premature aging by fighting healing cells and radicals. LaClaire tea contains an astringent and tanning properties that helps to shrink the skin cells. It is best to tighten the skin effectively and give younger and fresh look.

Tea Bags as Facial Scrub

Use tea bags as scrubber and it will give you best results. This is great and easy way to use and best to provide essential minerals to your skin. LaClaire tea ingredients are best to exfoliate your skin. Take two tea bags and apply it on your skin in circular motion and scrub gently. It has goo anti-aging properties and exfoliates skin perfectly. It also soothes dirt-free skin. LaClaire tea is perfect for hydrating, refreshing and cleansing the skin.

For Getting Glowing Hair, LaClaire tea bags are perfect. Put 3 tea bags in water and boil it and then wash your head with this water to get long and strong look hair. The ladies who have high blood pressure avoid using this tip because it is warm by nature. It is best to use this tip in winter season.


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