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Here are some of our real customers who have achieved their health goals with the help and support of the CleanCo cleansing tea. Yes, these are genuine results with verified purchase achieved by real people. We are incredibly proud of our customer’s achievements and encourage you to look through and gain inspiration. Kick-start your health goals today with the help of our CleanCo Tea, We want you to feel happier and healthier!

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 * "After 2 months of drinking CleanCo Tea I lost 8 kilos and have never felt lighter and better. My wife and I have experienced more energy, stamina and endurance with CleanCo Tea than any product that we have ever taken. My skin, digestion, sleep, and circulation have all improved. We are truly impressed with this product and the taste is outstanding!" Jeff & Marian

* "I want to share how happy I am with Cleanco tea. I had terrible digestive problems, which made me feel bloated and uncomfortable after my main meal. I had to be very careful what I ate and it restricted me. I started drinking 2 tea bags of tea exactly 1 hour and half BEFORE bed for 4 days. I felt immediate relief of my digestive troubles, and now I only drink 1 tea bag at night, and my digestion is brilliant! It feels so good to eat and not feel heavy and bloated!" Diana K, Victoria

* "This must be the best tasting detoxing tea i've tried. It's been 3 weeks now and my bowel is working fine everyday. Amazing! Thank you!" Matthew

* No unbearable diarrheal and pain! It can be so simple! "I've tried many colon cleansing supplements. Most of them caused me serious diarrheal experience which sometimes is quite unbearable. I got a pack of cleanco tea from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try one night. I drunk the tea slowly as directed and my belly started to have reaction right after 1 hour of finishing the cup. It has been so simple. There is no pain or any discomfort feeling at all. It has been so simple. Now i ordered this tea myself and use 1 teabag a day as my routine. I feel my digestive system has been improved overall and my skin has been tone as it has never been." Lisa Hoi Sydney

* "My husband has had stomach and digestive problems for years, achy joints, back problems and after a full day of hard work it took him a long time to snap back. He started drinking the CleanCo tea in June and he loved the taste! Within the first week, he began to feel better bowel movement and more energy. He started feeling much better by the end of the second week. My husband no longer has stomach problems, no achy joints and no back pain. We thank God for sending us this tea!" Sharon H.

* "After being on the cleanco tea, just this past month, I began to notice that there has been much less sweaty nights. This is so wonderful, I can barely believe it. It has taken 8 months for the tea to clean up and help with this, but it shows that with continuous use, the tea just keeps working. I also continue to have the great benefits of better sleep, more energy, healthier skin and hair, and less depression. What a wonderful gift cleanco tea continues to be!" Ann T.

* "I simply couldn't believe how well your tea worked. Two days after started drinking the tea, I had my first smooth experience this morning. Now I feel light and free. It's such a great feeling!" Richard, New Zealand

* Constipation is not the true problem; It’s a symptom of the true problem. "I have had bowel problem for years. My sleep fell apart thanks to cramping, bloating and pain. I always felt sick with the mental and emotional stress. I've tried many overnight relief products, those stuff did actually help clean me out for a day or two. I got my hopes up every single time, but pretty soon the constipation came back. Nothing really worked for me in the end. I found Harmoni-t introduced cleanco tea and decided to give it a try since it is not expensive. I drink 1 cup a day at night. The results have been amazing. There wasn't any feeling of forced diarrheal or pain like other things i tried. The relief had just been so natural, smooth and easy. Within the 3 weeks, i noticed an unexpected better skin and glow and I began to feel more energy. This cleanco tea did not only give me temporary relief of my constipation problem, but also improved my whole digestive and immune systems where my true problem is. Thank you so much for bringing my health back." Kevin H.

* "I began drinking CleanCo for 3 months. My energy level started coming up after about the second week, my depression began to lessen, my bones and joints began to harden. I began to sleep better, and to my amazement, the skin on my face is appearing healthier. I'm feeling so much better." Sherry W

* "I believe without a doubt that cleanco tea helped my body begin to repair itself, as it was the only change I had made in my life. I now have less constipation, less rheumatic pain, improved immunity. I am also losing weight, and by being free of the drugs, I am as active as I ever before." Laurie Bird

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