Du's Program - Hypertension & Heart Combo


This Hypertension & Heart Combo is a combination of Du's Tea and Comfortea. It is recommended to individuals who have high blood pressure and also have heart disease symptoms such as short of breath, chest tightness and insomnia.

1 box Du's Tea (60 standard servings): 2 cups throughout the day.
1 box Comfortea Tea (30 enhanced servings): 1 cup in the evening after dinner or before bed.


Du's Tea: 60 standard tea bags individually wrapped in satchels.
Comfortea: 30 high absorption tea bags individually wrapped in satchels.

This Hypertension & Heart Combo is a combination of Du's Tea and Comfortea:

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    Customer Reviews

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    Du's Tea

    I find Du's tea very refreshing and enjoyable. A little too early for blood pressure results though. Thank you.

    Feeling good

    Feeling good on it and the tea has a geeat flavour. However I was told when I purchased it that I was supposed to get a bonus comfort tea with it that I was looking forward to trying.

    Dear Renee. Thanks for your review. Due to an increased demand, the Comfortea for Heart had been temporally out of stock in Australia last week. Your free Comfortea had been shipped in a separated parcel from the States and you shall receive it shortly. We do apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused. Best Regards
    High BP 180 to 220

    I have noticed an improvement in lowering my BP. However, its too soon to be absolutely sure, as I also take medication for BP. I am happy with the outcome so far.

    It's worth the effort

    I have been taking the tea for a couple of months now, and tied in with decreasing medical input and dietary changes I have managed to get my BP down from the 190s to the 130s. I think taking Du's tea twice a day is worth the effort.

    Healthy AND tastes good

    Have just finished my trial box and can honestly say my blood pressure has considerably reduced and I am feeling a lot better. I have been drinking 2 cups a day, together with starting on a few recommended supplements so cannot totally attribute the success to any one thing but feel my combination is definitely working. Apart from anything else, your tea is a very enjoyable drink and have just reordered the 3 + 3 pack.


    It is still too early to say it works but there is indeed drop in blood pressure after drinking the tea.

    Work in progress

    This tea is helping with sleep and my cholesterol has dropped slightly. My blood pressure is taking longer to bring down but I have only been having one cup a day and just increased to two, this has made a slight difference so may have to increase to three cups a day. Any other recommendations?

    Dear Karen Thanks for your feedback. Du’s tea works differently to individuals due to their different cases of high blood pressure. Customers can start with one cup a day to up to six (6) cups a day depending on how serious their high blood pressure symptom is. With the symptoms withdraws, the number of cups a day can be reduced. Du’s tea is a 100% natural herbal tea for most cases of common high blood pressure. Most customers achieved their desired results before finishing the first box (30 day supply). However, if the high blood pressure symptom was caused by some other complicated health issues (and it is extremely high), it suggests to increase the number of serves per day and it will require longer duration of use (at least 3 months) than many other common high blood pressure cases. If there is still no improvement after 3 months, it is quite necessary to enquiry a doctor for comprehensive examination and treatment. We look forward to hearing your good news and wish you good health. Best Regards Harmoni-T Performance
    du tea

    good results with blood pressure ,the new design box looks good ,The old tea bags were a lot better as they had string and tabs on where as the new bags are awkward when brewing in a cup

    The Living Fossil

    The Living Fossil! Harmoni-T Performance for general well being and good health! I have been trying this tea for over a week! Tastes great! Need to trial a bit longer to give true evidence of lowering BP. Overall feel well on this performance tea! BP has dropped slightly, I am sure will improve more over longer usage!

    Not sure Yet ..But!!!!

    Not sure yet but my BP is ..lower take it twice a day.Would love to get off medication.
    Love the taste enjoy the drink twice a day.

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