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Gu-Lan Tea
Ida B
Hi-Lan Tea

Purchased this tea as a trial and it’s just been wonderful, can already feel the difference. Will definitely buy again.

Adam's Tea for Men
javier sotomayor

Good what it says....

Du's Pro
Ida B
Du's Pro

Du's Pro has been an excellent choice. It is helping me so much with my health.

Resveratrol Capsules increase my strength

My skin and mussle strength and vitality have improved greatly thank you 😊

Fast, Efficient Service

Whenever we need to renew our order we send off a request and within a few days the products are delivered. So fuss free and the quality is also really good. Very happy with this standard of service. Thank you

Great remedy for high blood pressure

Some how worked out for me in reducing my high blood pressure without the use of high blood pressure tablets.

Enjoying this product

The service was great and I feel like I have more energy. If I take it around lunch I think I may be alert still at bed time so I’m experimenting with taking it earlier which is what I was doing before and seemed fine by bed time. I’m excited to be putting this in my body. I bought the Micro500.

iCharge Tea
Kerrie Scott
i-charge Tea

Love this tea. It does give me a pick up in the afternoons and increased clarity.

Great taste

Love the tea finding it works for me and enjoy the taste will order more.

Du's Tea
giuseppe garreffa
Du Tea

There have been great results in reducing and maintaining my blood pressure

Very Nice

I bought this tea for the health benefits but I drink it for the warm earthy flavours that make a beautiful cup of tea.

Excellent Product

Hi There,
I have been drinking Du's Tea, less than a month now my elevated blood pressure from 145/90 now went back to 120/80, thank you very much.

Very good

Hoping it lowers my cholesterol…will know in a couple months

Ocean Pro

I like Ocean Pro tablets because they are easy to swallow. As we age our bodies produces less collagen so I'm pleased that I'm having this product because it is beneficial too to my skin in restoring its elasticity. They also help my finger nails to grow better and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much for this product.

Du's Tea
Lorraine Palmer
releaving high blood pressure

Du's tea has made a difference to my husbands high blood pressure ,and he enjoys the tea very much. So thank you for the tea and being able to make separate teas for different ailments. We have told our friends as well. Cheers Lorraine Palmer

Du's Pro
Barbara Wilkinson
Du's Pro

I wish to say that I'm very satisfied with this product. I use it with another plant based product i.e. Grapeseed Extract and both working together are able to control my blood pressure. Although my blood pressure doesn't reach the norm i.e. 120/80 but I've been told that because of my age it is acceptable.
I would recommend this product because one doesn't suffer from the side effects of other invasive medicines recommended by doctors.

Okinawa tea

It is helping my health and it helped to calm me. I felt energized whenever I take Okinawa tea. I will give five stars ⭐️

Great product

I am 60 years old and find the micronized resveratrol makes a difference on my energy level and being able to still carry on with my day as if I were twenty years younger.

Very good

I think that resveratrol 99% is a very good product, however is not so good as resveratrol micro. But any way I am happy. I am thinking to come back to 500 micro ( is money problem)

Adam's Tea for Men
Sylvia Duffy

I give this 5 stars

Du's Tea - Simple Pouch
James Otokpa Otokpa
Du's tea, smple pouch;



I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease over 20 years ago and had stents inserted in 2004. I commenced Resveratrol Micro500 capsules in 2005 in the belief that the French have a proven lower incidence of coronary artery disease which is put down to their red wine, and hence Resveratrol, intake. I have had no further problems with my heart disease.

Good Quality Product

This is my third time purchasing this particular product. Very happy with the quality. I take 2 caps (1000mg) per day plus 1000mg of NMN. Definitely noticed the difference in the way I feel throughout the day and my cognitive function!
I keep my product in the refrigerator.

Du's Pro
Paul from New Zealand
DU's Tea to DU's PRO

I have been drinking DU's Tea for several years now and decided to give DU's PRO a try, it definitely helps reduce blood pressure. Will continue to order product in the future. Cheers