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Okinawan Tea

It is very tasteful and I enjoyed having it every day...I makes me feel wonderful... Friends say I look good...and I feel the benifits of having the tea every morning....thank you..

Du's Tea

Have always felt there are alternatives to western medicine. No surprise du tea does work . Most impressed.

Du's Tea
healthier lifestyle.

I would rate Du's tea at five stars as it is certainly helping me to maintain a healthier blood pressure level. It is a pleasant drink and I will continue to drink it.

Wonderful Tea

Thoroughly enjoying the iCharge. Have been having one at lunch at work and find it keeps me focused and I dont have the mid afternoon slump. Enjoy the taste and find it has lots of benefits as described on your site. Very enjoyable will purchase again. Thanks

Du's Tea
Du's tea high be /wellbeing

Very enjoyable and pleasant tasting tea to drink, have only been drinking it for a short time, a bit early to tell if this has reduced my high blood pressure as yet.

Love Love this tea

Absolutely love this tea the service you get when you order is amazing and the deals are great can't highly recommend this tea and company enough


Quick delivery good product

Du's Tea
Great Tea

Du's tea has worked great for any client that I recommended it to. They are so pleased to get lower BP without meds.

Awesome surprise tea!

Du's tea has become a real favorite! It definitely has helped lower my blood pressure, and I enjoy drinking it twice a day...every day!

Resveratrol Micro Pro

I've been using Resveratrol for 5 years now, and I've been told I look much younger than my age. I initially started taking it because I was diagnosed with Lupus, together with magnesium oil, and I rarely have a flare now. I'll continue to take it for health and longevity.

Great stuff

I have just found that I have tongue cancer which has been slowly developing for several years. The disease has now been classified as being Stage II.
Over this time I ve been taking resveratrol, and credit it with the fact that the cancer has not metastasised. I believe that it is a life saver.

Okinawa Green tea

Tea if used daily 6 bags daily removes Parkinson disease as long as you use it.


Yes I am pleased with my tea , I have plenty of energy and feel good. A

Mr Frederick Roy Benson

2 Claritea tea a day is better then 2 coffee a day and I am feeling a lot more healthier...

Du's Tea
Du's Tea

I find Du's tea very refreshing and enjoyable. A little too early for blood pressure results though. Thank you.

Wu-Long Tea

Okinawa Green tea

Tea if used daily 6 bags daily removes Parkinson disease as long as you use it.

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Have been using this product off and on for years and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking improved health and longevity.

very enjoyable, and helps maintain a healthy insides.


I have been drinking your Du's tea for 3 or more years for ^BP and I love it. When I bought the tea the first time you had a free gift and it was a clear glass tea cup with a insert and lid. That was such a kind gift. I use it every day. Thank you Connie

I love the product

Wu-Long Tea


Love the tea!

Wonderful taste. Will continue to buy it.

Wu long tea

I enjoy drinking your tea and I certainly think it helps with my digestion.

Renewed Health and Vitality !!!

I am very pleased with the renewed energy and health I'm experiencing with using COMFORTEA! I feel strengthened and confident the ingredients are good for my body. Thank you for such a GREAT product!