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Wu long

I have taken the Wu-long capsules for about 4 months now and I have noticed a huge difference since taking them. I have not had a cold or no sickness at all this winter whilst the rest of my family have suffered. Last year I had bronchitis a few times and this year I haven’t even had a sore throat! I do believe the difference is taking wu-long

Wulong Tea

I have been drinking this tea for a while now. Love the flavour. It stops that bloated feeling and helps to keep me regular. The pouch of tea bags is great, very economical.

Gu Lan Tea

I love the Gu Lan Tea. It always makes me feel light after drinking and I love the flavour. Between the Gu Lan and the Wu Long I’m getting a great cleanse.

GuLan Tea

my husband and myself drink this tea every day

Nice fresh tasting tea

Harmoni-T really has the best tea available on the market can't go past there tea selections

Du Tea

both my husband and I love Du tea plus most of your other teas.

Wu Long Tea

Excellent product. Would definitely recommend. I have used it on a regular basis for years

great prducts

We love this tea!!

Du's Tea
DU's Tea for Blood Pressure

I am on my second 60 day supply of DU's Tea, specifically for blood pressure control. It works well and I will be drinking this tea from here forward.

Love Love this tea

This tea is so refreshing and love the taste

Comfort tea

After 8 weeks I have had a massive improvement on my health.

Du's Tea
Five star

It’s good and healthy

Great refreshing taste

Love this tea helps with sugar cravings

Comfortea For Heart

Delicious tea

I used this tea years ago and found it finally I have one every day I feel better and look better it has definitely started my journey I am so happy

Breathing relief

Tea has really helped with my breathing. Thank you so much.

Great Tea

My customers love this tea! Very pleased, as teas seem to do what you say.

It’s really work

I lost 17 kilos since I’m drinking the wu-long tea

Awesome Tea

This tea does exactly what it says it does. I feel good with this tea and I am calm and relaxed and can breathe easier.

Neville Trevarton

I have used your product for about 7 years. I am confident it contributes to my good health at 70 years of age.


Always tasty

Wu-Long is my favorite tasting tea.

Heart health tea helps

I like the tea, it tastes nice, takes only 5 min to prepare and it seems to help with my fast pulse.

Comfort from comfortea

Seems to be helping. Pleasant to drink.

Great value

Worth the investment. I have been using Gu-Lan Capsules and Resveratrol Capsules for over 6 years with great results in controlling blood sugars.

Better Health

I have been using Resveratrol capsules for many years and I am experiencing excellent health at age 73. I am able to exercise for 90 mins a day and work full time in a stressful job while maintaining a good sex life with a woman half my age.