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Formula Tea LLC

I love the tea it’s very comforting

Wu-Long Tea

I have been drinking this Wu-Long tea for many years now and love the taste and how it gives me that little boost of energy. I usually just have one cup a day but occasionally two. I have been able to maintain my weight for many years and I’m 50…by combining healthy eating, exercise and tea daily.

Du's Pro
Great Product

Product is very helpful in restoring good health. I feel much better and full of energy

Certainly keeps blood pressure lower

Wu-long tea

The taste is great but I haven’t seen any difference since I started taking it.
Thanks you

Du's Tea

Very satisfied with my purchase, I was kept informed on chipping etc..

Du's Tea

I bought the tea for my sister-in-law and she loves it. She says it helps with her high blood pressure and blood sugar. Also, it aids with sleeping if you have difficulty falling asleep at night. I bought some for my husband and I but haven't received them as yet.

Du's Tea

Excellent product



More energy

My husband and I have been taking this for 3 weeks now. One of the biggest changes I have noticed is so much more energy. My husband used to fall asleep after work each day and he doesn’t do this anymore. I have also noticed my weight is stabilising.

GU-Lan Tea

I have been taking GU-Lan tea capsules because of my cholesterol, which was 7.8
I have been taking the capsules for about 3 months.
I had another blood test last week and my cholesterol is 5.5 now
I’m very happy with the teas

I'd been loving this tea ever since I used it.

feeling younger

Love the results I get from using Resveratrol


I have much more energy and feel revitalized

Youth drug!

My husband and I are 74 and 75 and have been faithfully taking one pill a day for many years. We do feel it makes us more youthful as so many people are shocked when we say our age.


great product and great service. They also included a gift in my last purchase, they are a wonderful company!

Gu-Lan so good

I really live the taste of this tea and look forward to my afternoon and evening cups daily. It really helps with my digestive issues

Gu-Lan Tea
Excellent tea

This tea is excellent , having a Great taste , I am really enjoying taking two cups a day and feeling much better since I started to drink it.

Du's Tea

I find this tea to be a quality product. It has a nice subtle taste and is keeping my blood pressure reading in check without me having to take medication.

Du's Tea
True and tested products

We have been using DUs tea for a couple of years now and can absolutely recommend this product. Results speak for themselves.

Thanks for helping

I’m very happy with my tea. It tastes great, so lovely and refreshing. My blood pressure has definitely reduced by around 10-15. I’m on medication still, but the measurements are at the lowest they have been for many years.

Great product

Great product

Great tea

I am really enjoying the Okinawa tea. I have shared it with relatives and they also find it very enjoyable. It helps with settling my digestive system if it is a bit unsettled or out of routine.

Great tea!

My husband has been drinking this tea for years now and has found it keeps his blood pressure down and along with a healthy diet he’s feeling better than ever!

Soothing tea

I have this tea at night before bed and it helps to relax and calm me