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Du's Pro
Kathlyn Forman
DU’s Pro

Super, fantastic! When I take DU’s Pro, I don’t have to take high blood pressure pills. That’s why whenever I have the finances I try to stock up it’s great nothing like it, all natural. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll be ordering more soon!

Du's Tea
Raymond Lamb

Should one drink Dus Tea hot .my pressure around 180 to 170

Gu-Lan Tea
Antoniya Mineva
Gu-Lan tea

Yes it works.Together with the high blood pressure tea It keeps the blood pressure in the 126-132 range which is fine for 70 years old

Resveratrol Capsules - Micro500

Good product and I continue buying it.

Du's Tea Hypertension Heart Combo

I have been using Du's tea for 8 weeks now. My blood pressure has gone down quite considerably in that time. I will be trying the tablets for my next purchase. It has been a life saver.

Great product

The best resveratrol I have found, meets all the requirements of the health professionals, and with NZ quality.

Pleasant taste

I have been taking this tea for a good 8 weeks now, I take it later in the afternoon, its not flavoured more an earthy taste but pleasant enough. I'm also taking the du pro pills and have felt absolutely fine. My BP has been misbehaving since late 2018 and having tried numerous BP medication from the doctor all of which haven't resolved my high levels and all have given me horrid side effects. I am yet to check my levels but knowing my body very well and choosing a natural product has been my mission for years. I don't have a fuzzy head, pressure of any sort in my right foot, or left arm. I'm quite certain it's the effect of the pills combined with the tea. I would order at least 2 plus bottles and keep stocked up as its not available in the UK.

iCharge Tea
Mineyo Shimojo
icharge tea

Great tea! Great taste. Nice energy boost throughout the day. I put in a thermos and drink it all day at work. Better than coffee and healthier too!

Wu-Long Tea
Natalie Upshall

Very refreshing

Good price good quality

Great product!

I'm very happy with these tablets and will keep ordering as I believe they really work!

Du's Pro
Lynne Johnson
Du's Pro

It's a bit too soon to be sure but I certainly feel a bit brighter after taking this. I look forward to sharing more after a bit longer.
The taste is a little off putting but a quick drink fixes that.
Du's were great to deal with and the delivery was very quick.

Du's Pro
Jennifer Armstrong
Very high quality, good product

This product is really very nice and has improved my sleeping immensely. I heartily recommend it. It also has a generally good tonic effect on the whole body!

Du's Tea
Dardeline Georges
It work great for me

Thank you for the te now my blood pressure was in control

Great Product

Been using Harmoni-T Resveratrol Micro500 for a number of years now. Great product and fast delivery

Du's Tea - Simple Pouch
Virginia Howell
It showing my blood pressure is start going down and hopefully will going to stable in the normal.

My blood pressure start lower down and hopefully will stay in a normal range level.

Du's Pro
Sharon Chandler
Du's Pro

Purchased for my husband who has blood pressure and likes to take natural alternative

Du's Tea
David Allen

I can report that my systolic reading has one down 25 points and Diastolic by15, I am truly amazed and cannot thank you enough.

A Drink to Relax me.

I find your tea in the mornings relaxing, helping me to cope with my life, which at times can be very hectic.

Adam's Tea for Men
Diamantino Bernardino
Adam tea

Well recommend

Try it, you’ll be hooked

I’ve been using Resveratrol for several months now as part of my journey to better health. At 55 I am feeling better than I have for over 15 years and I will continue to use it, hopefully for many years to come.

Feels good

Perfect mid morning tea to keep you moving and hydrated

Resveratrol 60s

Definitely going to continue taking
I have an overall feeling of wellness

Keeps you young

I have been taking resvetarol for over a year now and i can tell i can certainly feel a difference. Some of it might be placebo effect , i am sure, but certainly i dont feel much tired nor much knee ache . I will continue with it as long as i cam.

Adam's Tea for Men
TJNW in Canada
OK tea - Poor customer service

I ordered 6 months worth of tea (which I have done several times in the past) and was delivered tea with less than 2 weeks best before date. OK, simple error. I have reached out to Harmoni-T with no response. UGH. Won't be ordering again.

Dear Customer. Thank you for your review. We do apologise for the picking mistake by our fulfilment department, which leads to products close to Best Before date were sent out. An replacement parcel for your order had been sent out. We do apologise for the mistake. Thank you for your business. Best Regards - Harmoni-T Performance