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Du's Tea
Du's tea


Benefits Showing

I've only been using resveratol for about a week, but I'm already noticing a change. My inflammation's and appetite have both decreased, which is great. I seem to just feel better generally. The downside for me though is the laxative effect, despite this brand having less emodin. However, I've had a higher than normal sensitivity to most things for years, even all the diabetes medications disagree with me.
Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and hope the long term results prove as beneficial.

Great tea

Happy with purchase , it works well.
Although I was after the powder , but ordered the wrong item.
Still a satisfied customer.

Du's Tea
Travelling with Du's

I am reluctant to use pharmaceuticals to control my out of control blood pressure so I researched how to do it without and found this tea. I have just returned from 2 months of travelling through Portugal and Southern Spain and took enough Du's tea to last me. I had my next order sent to my son's address in Byron Bay so it would be there when I arrived. Of course I had no way to measure my BP but trusted that the tea was keeping it in check and I felt fantastic the whole time.Thank you

Not happy with this quality tea
Very weak

Best resveratrol.

We have been taking these for years and no when we run out by how we feel.
Have tried cheaper but not worth while have come back to P99 and will stay with them. :)

Ni tea, beautiful, calming

This tea is lovely. A little different in flavour so it took a few cups to get used to it. Very calming and relaxing.

Great product

I have used the micronised resveratrol and i have found it to be a high quality product.


Seems like a natural progression from the P90s, which I have been taking for years.

Tastes really nice

Only been using 2 weeks so bit hard to see any difference yet

love the taste. My skin feels softer after I used the tea bag as a scrub

Love drinking this tea . Lost a little bit of weight but just love the taste. will keep drinking the tea regardless of the weight loss

Resveratrol Capsules

Yeah they been very good, though a little more time I feel will reveal more
of their therapeutic value thank you for a good product & a pleasant site to navigate kind regards Sherril

I am sleeping better at night and have more energy throughout the day

Du's Tea

Have only had the Du's Tea for 3 weeks now, the taste is quite nice and my blood pressure has dropped slightly.Looking forward to seeing my results in a couple of months.

Hi LAN Tea

Excellent flavours good increase in general health recommend this product highly for better well being service from this company was fast well done


Forget expensive cough syrups and nasty medicine this tea with a teaspoon of honey is the only thing that helped calm my barking cough.

Love this tea, tastes great.

Du's Tea
Good Tea

I bought this for my husband who is suffering from slightly high blood pressure. It's a bit early to tell if the tea is helping, he goes back to the Dr in a few weeks, then we will know for sure. But in the meantime he is drinking it quite happily, and says it tastes ok, which is good for someone who hates herbal teas. I have had a cup too, and I love herbal teas, and this is a good quality tea. Thankyou.

Wu long

I have taken the Wu-long capsules for about 4 months now and I have noticed a huge difference since taking them. I have not had a cold or no sickness at all this winter whilst the rest of my family have suffered. Last year I had bronchitis a few times and this year I haven’t even had a sore throat! I do believe the difference is taking wu-long

Wulong Tea

I have been drinking this tea for a while now. Love the flavour. It stops that bloated feeling and helps to keep me regular. The pouch of tea bags is great, very economical.

Gu Lan Tea

I love the Gu Lan Tea. It always makes me feel light after drinking and I love the flavour. Between the Gu Lan and the Wu Long I’m getting a great cleanse.

GuLan Tea

my husband and myself drink this tea every day

Nice fresh tasting tea

Harmoni-T really has the best tea available on the market can't go past there tea selections

Du Tea

both my husband and I love Du tea plus most of your other teas.