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Adam's Tea for Men
TJNW in Canada
OK tea - Poor customer service

I ordered 6 months worth of tea (which I have done several times in the past) and was delivered tea with less than 2 weeks best before date. OK, simple error. I have reached out to Harmoni-T with no response. UGH. Won't be ordering again.

Dear Customer. Thank you for your review. We do apologise for the picking mistake by our fulfilment department, which leads to products close to Best Before date were sent out. An replacement parcel for your order had been sent out. We do apologise for the mistake. Thank you for your business. Best Regards - Harmoni-T Performance

Du's Pro
Andre Bester
Highly Satisfied

I have been drinking Du's tea for the past 5 months, but I sometimes find that 2 - 3 cups of tea is a bit much for one day. I now have 1 cup of Du's tea, 1 x Du's Pro, and a cup of Comfortea in the evenings. The results are amazing! My bp has stabilized on a level like never before. Du's Pro is easy to use, and I can see myself taking 2 capsules a day because it is easier and quicker, but I will continue enjoying a cup of tea from time to time because I have developed a taste for it.

Micro 500

Been taking it for a month. No side effects. Definitely the energy levels have improved. Great product

Du's Tea - Simple Pouch
Roslyn Dunn Dunn
Delish Tea

It was delish and is delish

Pro Marine Collagen

Thought I'd try this as it was Micronized for best absorption.Ive been taking the powdered form for many years but have noticed in a short time an increase in my skin texture looking more youthful.So what other great benefits does it have within the rest of my body that I don't know about.So will continue with this wonderful Brand

Resveratrol Micro 500

Have taken this for a while now and have found that there is no need to supplement with 300mg Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride daily as Resveratrol Micro500 has increased my NAD levels to 100% from my test results.A wonderful supplement that works for me.Also very good for energy levels.

Du's Tea
John Peter
Blood Pressure

Blood has stabilized and swollen ankles have been greatly reduced.

Love it

As advertised, tastes great and a fine alternative to coffee

Resveratrol Capsules - Micro500 (60s)

After careful deliberation and elimination online of different resvertrol capsules. I made my purchase with Harmoni-T (Because of the quality of the product. It was also good value). I know I have an intolerance to a lot of different foods and was trying to find something to aid severe bloating. This product has noticably reduced inflammation, and I am not in the same uncomfortable gut place that I have been for most of my older adult life. I'll be buying it from now on.

Du's Tea
Susan Mion
A great tea

I find DU’s tea refreshing and is very flavoursome and has definitely helped my blood pressure numbers. I still take my medication but the doctor has reduced it. So it’s good to see them going down rather than up and I definitely think DU’s tea has helped with this process.

Comfortea For Heart
laurence baker

At this stage I think it is helping which is encouraging, Thanks


This is fantastic stuff! I bought the Hypertension & Heart Combo because I have been struggling with hypertension and although I use medication my BP has been up and down. After only two weeks my BP dropped to a level that has blown me away and after a month it was still at the same vastly improved level. I am now thinking about cutting back on my medication. Although quite expensive, it is worthwhile and I will continue drinking Du's tea.

Wu-Long Tea
Maria Aleja
Love it

I really love the Wu-Long tea, I feel it gives me energy and helps me maintain my weight.

I highly recommend it!

Du's Tea
Kachi Ek
Du Tea

Took time to receive product. Fairly too early to comment on health impacts.

Du's Tea
Kim Gregg
excellent service

We have had a wonderful experience dealing with Harmoni-T, great product good pricing and delivery always on time or earlier. I would highly recommend this company to anyone whom are seeking alternate health. Kim

Gu-Lan Tea
Ida B
Hi-Lan Tea

Purchased this tea as a trial and it’s just been wonderful, can already feel the difference. Will definitely buy again.

Adam's Tea for Men
javier sotomayor

Good what it says....

Du's Pro
Ida B
Du's Pro

Du's Pro has been an excellent choice. It is helping me so much with my health.

Resveratrol Capsules increase my strength

My skin and mussle strength and vitality have improved greatly thank you 😊

Fast, Efficient Service

Whenever we need to renew our order we send off a request and within a few days the products are delivered. So fuss free and the quality is also really good. Very happy with this standard of service. Thank you

Great remedy for high blood pressure

Some how worked out for me in reducing my high blood pressure without the use of high blood pressure tablets.

Enjoying this product

The service was great and I feel like I have more energy. If I take it around lunch I think I may be alert still at bed time so I’m experimenting with taking it earlier which is what I was doing before and seemed fine by bed time. I’m excited to be putting this in my body. I bought the Micro500.

iCharge Tea
Kerrie Scott
i-charge Tea

Love this tea. It does give me a pick up in the afternoons and increased clarity.

Great taste

Love the tea finding it works for me and enjoy the taste will order more.

Du's Tea
giuseppe garreffa
Du Tea

There have been great results in reducing and maintaining my blood pressure