Buying Resveratrol

Harmoni-T Resveratrol has been adopted by universities across the world as experimental sample for scientific research. They are quality dietary supplements independently tested by the US Lab and listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

 We do

  • provide test certificates from independent lab for all products;
  • guarantee all products reach the minimum purity claimed; and
  • offer customers a 200% refund guarantee!

 We do not

  • hide the purity details of the product to customers;
  • supply low purity Resveratrol below 50%;
  • add cheap fillers such as grape seed extract; and
  • offer "free trials" but charge customers a large amount.

Choosing the right Resveratrol

There are many different resveratrol products. Which one shall I choose?

After knowing the dosage you would like to start out with, it really comes down to a personal choice or budget. First let me explain why we have so many products, then you easily compare them and choose which one may be best for you.

First Safety

Our Latest April 2024 Resveratrol Lab Tests Are Available Below, it shows the Emodin and Cis-Resveratrol Content we allow in all of our resveratrol capsules:

Right Choice for your Budget and Needs

We didn't simply place one product on the market and try to sell a "one size fits all" capsule. We have made many products for different people and for different budgets. We basically researched better ways for people to take resveratrol while at the same time help them save money with a high quality product.

In the end, we found out we needed different products for different types of customers based on the following:

  • Best Value, for customers looking for the best price in capsules.
  • Better Absorption, for customers who want better absorption over price.
  • Premium Products, for customers who simply want the best available to offer.
  • Affordability By Buying Bulk, for customers who would like bulk prices.

Each is described below with the products:


Best Value - Listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), P50 is 50% pure, much like most products that are sold in your local vitamin store or market... it tests at less than 3% of Emodin, which is better than most products on store shelves. Emodin is the ingredient than can make you "regular", so we try to have less of this than our competitors so that you can take more resveratrol without discomfort. We recommend to take 1-2 pills a day. If you prefer taking 1000mg or more of resveratrol daily, you would choose our P99 (99%) or Micro500 (micronized 98%) products.

Best 50% Purity Value (Single Purchase): $26.60 for 60 Capsules. Up to 45% discounts available for bulk buys.



Premium - For customers who simply want taking 1000mg or more of resveratrol daily, we have this lab tested high purity P99 resveratrol capsules at the best price. These are 99% pure and have 505mg in each standard serving (due to purity 500mg is trans-resveratrol). Review our latest independent lab test made in April 2024 for this product, then compare. Lab Test (PDF). If you prefer high purity but take less resveratrol pills daily, you would choose our Micro500 (micronized 98%) resveratrol.

Best 99% Purity Value (Single Purchase): $39.90 for 60 Capsules. Up to 45% discounts available for bulk buys. 



Premium + Better Absorption - For people who simply want higher absorption and don't mind an increase in price, we have the Micro500 capsules. Listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, Micro500 resveratrol capsules are made from 98% micronized resveratrol with a particle size of 1.5 microns, only 1/3 of the width of a human red blood cell. It is small enough to pass through the body's tiny mucous membranes, and contains properties not found in normal Resveratrol. It is 220% more effective over regular Resveratrol and up to 300% or more effective when used with or mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier! With more than doubled absorption, you will simply need to take only one capsule a day. Lab Test (PDF) [ What is Micronized Resveratrol? ]

We are one of the few resveratrol vendors in the world that is offering independently verified micronized resveratrol capsules with the particle size clearly stated on the label.

Best 500mg High Absorption (Single Purchase): $99.90 for 60 Capsules. Up to 50% discounts available for bulk buys. 

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